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Bye, See You Real Soon

It turns out 17 years was plenty long enough to edit a weekly newspaper, no matter how great a contribution you feel you're making to the community. Recently, I found that I missed the opportunity to write for the paper at least as much as I enjoyed shaping our coverage. The growing responsibilities of the job cut deeply into what used to be my writing time and though I tried to write some pieces while I showered or slept, I could never quite get the hang of it. Luckily for me, company management agreed to my proposal to change positions. Luckily for the paper and, I feel, for the community, I'm able to hand over responsibility for the editorial content of the paper to someone who I know has the experience, vision and energy to take CL to new heights while continuing our commitment to the community and the enrichment of our readers' lives. Editor Mark Kemp takes the reins at a time of change and growth for the paper and his many new ideas are going to have a large, very positive impact.

Due modesty aside, I'm very proud of what CL has become and how much it means to so many of our readers. From the beginning, our emphasis has been on telling the truth and expecting community leaders to do the same; on presenting a progressive, open-minded approach to both culture and civic life; and on having fun. Charlotte has gone through many changes in the past 17 years, some good and some not so good. Fortunately, the manic rate of growth that has clogged our roads has also broadened the city's outlook, heightened our sense of sophistication, and brought a degree of cultural diversity we couldn't have imagined two decades ago. I'm proud that CL has been a part of that growing process — promoting diversity and progress, lobbying albeit unsuccessfully, for good urban planning, and of course, documenting and recommending the vast number of things readers can do in the city.

So, with gratitude for the chance to change course, I'm returning to the craft that originally drew me to the newspaper business. You'll actually be seeing more of me, or at least my writing, in the future as I take on the role of Senior Editor. I was a bit disappointed to find out that the new title won't qualify me for senior discounts anywhere, but other than that, this is a move I'm happy about. See you around.

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