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Buay Calito

Reggaeton Rapper


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The Charlotte Reggaeton community is abuzz with the lyrical offerings of Panamanian artist Buay Calito, whose songs can be heard regularly on Power 98's Reggaeton hour on Friday nights.

Buay Calito grew up in Panama where the building of the Panama Canal brought lots of different cultures to the Central American country. "You had American, Panamanian, African – all these people got together and it came out in the music. That is where Reggaeton comes from. The blending of all those cultures to make a new sound."

"I started writing when I was 12. I did it to get a girl. But as I got into it more I realized I could tell stories with my words. I liked that feeling."

"I love to captivate people with my lyrics, I like performing and seeing that people can understand where I am coming from with my words. This is what I love to do. I do other things to pay the bills, but this is it for me."

Calito, the self-proclaimed "Prince of Panama," releases a new CD this summer and will be touring with artists Stee Vo and Aqua Man. To find out where he is going to be, you can go to his MySpace music page at