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I've never been big on soap operas. I try to avoid those inane conversations about soap opera characters and plots, which may explain why this avid sports fan never got into professional wrestling either -- seeing how it's merely a male form of a soap opera with the same caliber of acting and story lines as those found on daytime television.

But my whole attitude toward wrestling changed after attending WWE Vengeance at the Bobcats Arena. The energy from the ring and the hype from the diverse, raucous crowd got even me screaming, "take your mask off," and cheering on muscle heads as they slammed each other around. Not knowing any WWE characters, I chose to root for Cena -- that decision based on the fact I like the music he came out to before entering the ring.

I've seen 'rastling, equestrian gymnastics, country concerts and basketball games at the arena -- the Bobcats Arena is perhaps the Mecca for my eventful nightlife, second only to the Sunset Club -- a venue that proves that everything gets hotter when the sun goes down.

And speaking of the Sunset Club ...

Sure there were fireworks and barbecues going down on the fourth, but the best holiday party was the post-Independence Day Red, White and Blue Party at the Sunset Club. Myself, Larken Egelston and Krystie from the Club teamed up with Three Olives Vodka, Red Bull and DJ T-Nice to throw a patriotic bash.

The sparkling chic crowd saluted Uncle Jack and Uncle Jäger in addition to Uncle Sam, while sipping on Three Olive's new Pama vodka (the red), getting tranced off the Hypnotic (the blue) and downing cherry-flavored vodka (the white). When you mix an upscale bar with top shelf liquor, the end result is one of those rich-and-famous-style LA and NYC parties, as most Sunset Club parties are.

In case you missed it: Rockhouse Events and Lazy Day's Social Olympics at Midtown Sundries in Lake Norman was off the chain. I'm sorry if you did skip it, because it was like spring break for grown folks that no longer have spring breaks. Everyone partied like a rockstar, especially the Rock Star energy drink team. DJ Niz spun to a crowd twirling aimlessly during the dizzy bat relay while attempting to re-hydrate with beer. And if you have yet to hit up the Forum's rooftop then I highly recommend you do so immediately; their Hi-Fi Fridays put the happy in happy hour. That's where my high school and college crews celebrated the engagement of our friends Amanda and Taylor. Yay ... love ... whoo, and we had a good time sipping bubbly under the Charlotte skyline (well, the few tall buildings that make up the city's skyline).

Now I'm ready to percolate at the Big Chill's Mary J. Blige after party sponsored by Red Tottle of Redlite Promotions, Checkwriter Entertainment, In the Game Entertainment and Sloop Jones. Like Mary says, "we just folks trying to have a good time, no more drama in our lives."

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