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Brent Bagwell is a musician of many faces -- a saxophonist for the local band Pyramid, which he describes as a "rock band with horns and strings," a member of the jazz trio Eastern Seaboard based in New York, and one half of Tenspeed, a duo with a local cellist.

"Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat" from The Aristocats; as sung by Charlie B

"Ninety Nine and a Half (Won't Do)" by Wilson Pickett

"Fell, Destroyed" by Fugazi

"Pretty Boy Floyd" by The Byrds

"Skyliner" by Boards of Canada

"Death and the Maiden (String Quartet in D Minor)" by F. Schubert

"Overhang Party (first set)" by Kaoru Abe & Sabu Toyozumi

"Symphony #6 (the 'Lenin' Symphony)" by D. Shostakovich

"Dance of the Infidels" by Bud Powell

"Beatrice" by Sam Rivers

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