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Survey on Charlotte Text-Messaging Finds 41 Percent Use it for Flirting.

Nothing says "I want to hop you" like a winking smiley face;)

Kenneth Lee Boyd Didn't Want to be Remembered as No. 1,000 to be Executed Since Reinstatement of Death Penality

And Gary Gilmore didn't want to be remembered as No. 1; John Spenkelink didn't want to be remembered as No. 2 ...

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Drink More Beer

Militant Public Enemy sidekick Flavor Flav now shills for Miller Lite, capitulating to the gluttony of the Amerikkkan nation-state. Raise that fist ... er, glass!

Texas College Atheists Offer Students Free Porn for Bibles

No doubt Adam Smith's invisible hand at work.

National Tests Put CMS at Top of Class; Mayor McCrory Giddy about it

Not everyone's happy. African American students fell further behind their white counterparts in three out of four categories.

Multiple Accidents Occur on Highways Involving Cars Driving into Oncoming Traffic. Police Investigating Whether Substances were Involved.

Rep. Sue Myrick investigating whether immigrants were involved.

Garlic Paste in Bag Sets Off Bomb Alarm Forcing Philadelphia Passengers from Airport

Owner asked to to leave that and extra-large tube of KY jelly at home next time.

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