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"Does Charlotte-Mecklenburg have a gang problem? Yes." -- Charlotte Observer

Gosh, and we thought MS-13 was just another hardcore band.

Bill Clinton says Bush "flat wrong" on climate

A peeved Bush reasserts his steadfast belief that the world is not flat.


The Rev. Al Sharpton, who's run for mayor, senator and president, adds a new item to his resume: CBS sitcom paterfamilias. Will his social message exceed hair process tips?

Bidding War for the Charlotte Coliseum reaches $21.1 million

Extra mil for the "art bushes" and you got yourself a deal.

Weird Couple of the Year: Jon Voight and Diana Ross.

When the "Love Hangover" wears off, actor Voight will be squealing for Deliverance.

Recent Study says Tight Skirts Can Make Female Bosses Look Dumb

Next Bush Administration study: Bank-boy khakis make male bosses look like geniuses.

Mi GÉnte Headline: "Anglo ebrio provoca la muerte de un hispano."

¿En inglés, por favor? OK. That's "Drunken Anglo causes the death of an Hispanic."

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