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Charlotte Observer: Goodbye, Miss USA -- Hello to NYC and TV

Charlottean Chelsea Cooley gets her picture made with CL Urban Explorer Jared Neumark, lands a Bojangle's commercial and now the Big Apple beckons.

Bush Administration Still Discussing Going to War with Iran

We hear these warmongers are next planning a nuclear strike on liberal Massachusetts.

Several More Retired Generals Call for Donald Rumsfeld's Resignation

No one's saying Bush has to get rid of him completely; there's always a need for someone to shovel the horse manure of the Prez' Texas spread.

UNC-Charlotte Student Wants to Change School's Name to University of Charlotte

Do they teach their students up there to be as self-conscious as our city leaders?

Pink Is Back with a New Album Called I'm Not Dead

Honey, you were never iconic enough for anyone to question your mortality. We figure most folks bought your albums because they thought you were Gwen Stefani.

New Ethiopian Au. Anamensis Fossils Fill Gap in Early Human Evolution

Scientists can dig up 4.1 million year-old bones, but we still don't know who killed Tupac?

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