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Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner And Boyfriend Matt Nye are Expecting!

Nye's sister is rumored to be carrying, but we still believe the baby will be a diminutive Mick Jagger.

President Comes To Charlotte Thursday, April 6, To Defend War On Terror

Please resist throwing tomatoes or other produce at him.

Front PAge News From The Observer Questions How Charlotteans Will Spend Extra Sunlight, Post-Daylight Savings Time

Speaking of extra time, how long before the effects of the McClatchy deal are seen in the reporting?

Bush Administration Plans To Continue cleaning House

Among those who needn't worry about being replaced are Cheney, Rove and, of course, Bush himself. Isn't this like fumigating for house pests but making sure the cockroaches survive?

Beware Supermodels Bearing Phones

After taking a blow from Naomi Campbell's diamond-encrusted Blackberry, the model's former housekeeper received five stitches. We guess diamonds aren't necessarily a girl's best friend.

Mississippi Outlaws Sex Toys

Don't worry, though -- you can still get your guns at Mississippi gun shows with absolutely no background check.

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