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Some New Apartments in SouthPark Rent for $3,200

And they say there's no affordable housing in Charlotte.

Death Row Killer Requests McRib as last meal

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

The Associated Press Reported that Bush, Responding to Hamas' Palestinian Victory, "Noted that Democratic Elections Sometimes Produce Unwelcome Results."

Believe us, Mr. President, Americans are well aware of this fact.

"Buffoons Beware! It's Limerick Time" Again at the Observer

At least they didn't plug this tired annual tradition on the front page.

Meg Ryan: In the Land of Babies

Struggling for Hollywood relevance, Ryan copies Angelina Jolie by adopting a Chinese baby. A remake of Wonder Woman must be next.

King of Pop Exchanges Glove for Even More Body Coverage

Michael Jackson was spotted wearing a veil in Bahrain. His next single: "Trapped in the Abaya."

The Passion of the Kanye

Kanye West poses as Jesus for Rolling Stone. That's the sort of imposture that killed Terence Trent D'Arby's career. Remember him?

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