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Li’l Kim Sentenced to Prison for Perjury
New prison outfit will include white-and-black-striped pasties and thong.

Uptown Freaks Out
Some thugs show their asses and a few people pee in a cemetery and suddenly it's a "riot."

Arts & Science Council Gives$12.5 Million More to Area Culture Groups
That could have bought everyone in the county a whole lot of pink flamingos and velvet Elvises.

Shut Up About the Weather Already
Local TV drives viewers nuts with panic-mode reports on upcoming storms. It's the South, it's summer, it's gonna storm, OK?

Bush Pledges Not to Use Abortion Litmus Test for Supreme Court Nominee
It's just a coincidence that none of the 200+ federal judges he's appointed support abortion rights.

G8 to Live8: “What? What? I Can’t Hear Ya”
So much for aging rockers' delusions of influence on politics.

Lockstep South Supports Dubya No Matter What
New Zogby poll: much of the country supports impeaching Bush if he lied about reasons for going to war, but only 34 percent in the South. Fifty-eight percent of South say they'd also support the Prez even if he drowned puppies, burned babies with cigarettes and pushed elderly women in front of moving vehicles.

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