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Tom Cruise jumps down Today Show host's throat while bashing the use of anti-depressants
Looked like a Zoloft could have prevented this War of the Words.

Lynn Wheeler website says she's a fiscally conservative advocate for neighborhoods
Guess the days of being a spendthrift tool of uptown interests are in "the final throes."

Doug Robarchek announces he's retiring after nearly 20 years of "Outfront" column
Too bad no current Observer columnists are unruly enough to warrant being buried in the Living section by the Killer Editors.

Bobby Brown's new relaity show features him and Whitney Houston and hands-on cures for constipation.
Please, hasn't the lowest common denominator hit rock bottom yet?

During court proceedings, Dennis Rader describes his 10 "BTK" murders, in horrific detail
Look for his new reality show next season.

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