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Louisianan Britney Spears Says She's Praying for Hurricane Victims

That's great, Brit, but please, no benefit concert. The country has been through enough.

Charlotteans Freak Out, Wait in Lines for Gas

Imagine how nuts it would have been if TV was forecasting snow, too.

Operation Save America Notes Upside of Hurricane Katrina: No Open Abortion Clinics in New Orleans

If these nuts are so concerned, maybe they should go down there and save the lives of some pregnant women.

Multi-gazillionaires Diddy and Jay-Z Pledge a Joint Donation of $1 Million to Help Katrina Victims

And as they pat themselves on their backs and chomp their cigars, fellow celeb Angelina Jolie keeps giving multiple millions to countless world problem areas.

CMS One of first in U.S. to Begin Teaching Chinese

Sounds like a good trial run for learning to properly teach English.

North Carolina Gets a Lottery

It's about time I had the right to waste money in a new way.

Poll: 42% of Americans Don't Believe in Evolution

Looks like those Reagan era cuts in education funding are starting to pay off.

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