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Branded Face Masks – inspiration for your business



Whether in Asia, America or Europe, governments are listening to the science and mandating face mask use in crowded business centres.

As a business owner, it’s imperative that your staff follow these coronavirus mandates by masking up so that proper health and safety procedures are being adhered to.

By branding your face masks, you not only keep both your staff and the community you serve safe, but are able to implement an effective marketing strategy at the same time.

Features of a Branded Face Mask

If you’ve chosen to implement branded face masks as a part of your everyday business operations, there are a few key features your masks will require.

We’ve gone over a few of the most important safety features below:

  • Antibacterial: Consider face masks with antibacterial properties. Often infused into the fabric for an extra layer of protection, they kill 99% of bacteria and germs.

  • Breathable: Comfort of your staff should remain a major consideration when choosing a branded face mask and finding a balance between breathability and protection is key.

  • Triple-layer: Layering the fabric as part of the design is one way to achieve this balance. It’s recommended that each mask feature at least three layers in order to be considered effective.

  • Water repellent: Choosing a water repellent fabric will prevent effective pathogen penetration. Ultimately keeping both your staff and customers safe.

Other brand and marketing features worth considering:

  • Type of branding: Consider exactly how you want your mask to look. Is just your logo enough, or would you prefer a particular slogan or colour scheme?

  • Branding placement: Finally it comes down to where on the mask your branding is placed. Do you want a subtle placement to the side, or branding that takes up the entire mask?

While the safety features aren’t really negotiable, the brand and marketing aspects of your chosen face masks come entirely down to personal preference and budget.

The Best Branded Face Masks - Try Hoo-Rag

Serving the community since 2012, Hoorag are veterans in the face mask game.

Viewed as leaders in revolutionary headwear, a versatile Hoo-Rag face mask can be rocked over 10 different ways.

When it comes to branded face masks for your business, Hoo-Rag has a custom ear loop face mask solution ready to go.

Simply choose a layout, preferred background design and then upload your logo that you’d like to appear on the face masks.

Hoo-Rag is flexible with numbers, so whether you’re a large or small business, the team is happy to work with you to find a solution that works.

Final Thoughts on Branded Face Masks

Branded face masks not only keep your staff and the community safe while we get through this global coronavirus pandemic together, but they can also be used as excellent promotional tools.

Your staff and even your most loyal customers if you choose to go down that route, are essentially transferred into walking billboards.

Make a smart business choice and integrate branded face masks into your day to day operations today.


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