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Book review: Phil Sutcliffe's AC/DC High Voltage Rock 'N' Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History



THE DEAL: The ultimate AC/DC souvenir.

THE GOOD: With all the hype that usually surrounds most rock endeavors, it's refreshing to find one that actually lives up to its name. This AC/DC chronicle is so ultimately illustrated it's hard to concentrate on the text. That's not meant as criticism. Once you've pawed through the book a few times reveling in all the vintage performance shots and posters and paraphernalia, you can go back and appreciate Sutcliffe's meticulous chronicling of the band. To break things up a bit, the author includes several other critics' reviews of classic AC/DC albums. There's also a comprehensive discography with songwriters listed for every cut and comments on the albums by Sutcliffe. Angus is the main focus, revealed time and time again across the years in all his scrawny, sweaty, geeky glory as well as spinning gleefully on a spindle on the cover. But a captionless photo layout in the middle of the book from a '79 show in the band's Glasgow hometown steals his thunder. A trio of pre-pubescent front row air guitarists achieving nirvana captured mid-stroke say more about the impact and legacy of AC/DC than any collection of words.

THE BAD: Makes it hard to wait for the boys to come round to your hometown once again.

THE VERDICT: A better investment than a T-shirt and almost as much fun as the red, light-up devil horns with the band logo on 'em (not included.)

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