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Book Review: Miles on Miles: Interviews and Encounters with Miles DavisEdited by Paul Maher Jr. and Michael K. Dorr



The Deal: Anthology collects 30 interviews and articles to give insight into jazz legend – from beginning to end.

The Good: The book captures a lot of different sides of the notoriously secretive artist. You get to see him at moments of complete openness and also at his most irritable. From descriptions of him attending the funeral of Jimi Hendrix to his insights into other jazz legends, the book showcases just about every side of Davis possible. You learn about his personal life, his drug addiction and his life onstage and off. For people who may have only heard his music and do not know about the man behind the trumpet, you probably get more information than you ever thought you'd need to know – talk of his time with Charlie "Bird" Parker, Herbie Hancock and other bandmates, his thoughts on why "jazz" is a racist term and why he spent so much time with his back turned to the audience or sitting offstage while his band played.

The Bad: It does get a bit repetitive. While each article might have a different focus, many of them are giving his backstory, which you feel like you've read 100 times by the time you reach the last page.

The Verdict: A great collection that gives you a look at the musician from just about every angle and shows you more about who he was as a person offstage.\

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