Bonnie Whitmore; Dirt Heavy w/ Alan Edwards

When: Wed., July 18 2012

ALAN EDWARDS If pressed for a Best Charlotte Songwriters’ list, the former Lou Ford and current Loudermilks co-leader would be at or near the top of mine (younger bro Chad would make it as well, but he’s apparently taking this night off). The elder Edwards’ strength has always been avoiding country rock’s clichés while remaining true to its tenets and slipping in a punk-inspired defiance; no surprise Lou Ford called it rural pop instead. Whatever you want to call them, his songs feel lived in, rather than put on, the sadness and anger genuinely cathartic. When he asked, lo all these years ago now, “How does it feel, to have something real?/To have something true, to know it belongs to you?” the longing was palpable enough in the music to give listeners the sense that this was their lot as well. Those songs don’t roll off the line as frequently as they used to, but the new ones suggest those qualities still exist. We’ll find out soon enough as the Loudermilks prepare their debut.

John Schacht

Price: $8; $5

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