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Bobby Knight's $%#@!%$ Sweater


The Weird: Those of you who didn't get enough of Bobby Knight in ESPN's incredibly profane look at the psychotic ex-Indiana coach in A Season On The Brink last weekend have reason to rejoice. For one, ESPN will inevitably rebroadcast the horrible movie, with Brian Dennehy as Knight, ad nauseum. Secondly, you can purchase a Dennehy-worn red sweater, made famous by Knight, and cuss at the world to your heart's content.


The Wonderful: He's baseball's Iron Man, a sure-fire Hall of Famer, and he's a hit with the fans. He's Cal Ripken Jr., and the above assets ought to bode nicely for future increases in the value of his cards. This one, issued in 1980, is about the earliest imaginable, issued when Ripken was an infielder for our very own Charlotte O's -- a valuable card, and even more so if you ever decided to sell it in Charlotte. But you only buy baseball cards for the love of the game, right?


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