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Bob Tully's Top Five

Community relations director of Theatre Charlotte



Bob Tully is the community relations director of Theatre Charlotte. The theater is not only his job, but his hobby as well. He is always looking to catch a good show wherever he is.

1) Music: "Jazz is definitely my favorite. I listen to a lot of Louis Prima, but I think because of my connection to the theater, I have been exposed to so many different kinds of music, and there really isn't anything I haven't liked."

2) Movies: Tully goes for opposite extremes on this one, from Ferris Bueller's Day Off to Rosemary's Baby.

3) Movies stars: "Dustin Hoffman would have to be my favorite -- he was great in The Graduate."

4) Travel: "Walking around in Italy is like walking through a museum -- everything has so much history."

5) Art: Though Tully has not done any of his own painting in a while, right now he's really into watercolors and oil paintings, and enjoys any art from the Italian Renaissance.

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