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Blowfly's Van Burglarized in Charlotte


Original Dirty Rapper Blowfly's van was burglarized in Charlotte while parked outside of the La Quinta Inn at 3100 Queen City Blvd. The theft occured between 2:30am and 1pm, Saturday, Jan. 21. Blowfly was in Charlotte for a performance at the Milestone Club on Friday, Jan. 20. If you have any information regarding these items, please contact Tom Bowker at In Charlotte, you can return the items with no questions asked to the Milestone club at 3400 Tuckasegee Road. The Milestone's phone number is 704-398-0472. You may contact the club at


• 1 Galien Kruger 1001 RB Bass Head, SN #E06104440

• 1 Fender Telecaster with Sunburst Finish with "I Kill Hippies" sticker on the back of the body

• 1 Fender Stratocaster with unfinished wood

• 1 SX Custom 4 string bass guitar

• 1 black, plastic cymbal case containing: 1 Zildjian 20-inch Earth Ride, 1 Paiste 302 17-inch crash, 1 Paiste 3000 series 20-inch ride, 1 Zildjian 16-inch rock crash, 1 set of Sabian "Flat Hat" hi-hats

• 1 backpack containing Wal-Mart portable CD player, a CD with a Pro-Tools session and a lyric book

• 1 black, soft carry-on bag containing 1 copper "BF" Blowfly Mask, 1 Uncle Sam hat, 1 rubber George W. Bush mask, 1 rubber devil mask, 1 Blowfly bug mask with antennae, and assorted wigs and costumes.

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