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Bizarre Crimes from the Charlotte police reports



CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK?: An employee at an ABC Store on Nations Ford Road alerted police that a man entered the store, grabbed two half-gallon bottles of Hennessy VSOP and attempted to walk out the door without paying. The employee caught the suspect hiding the stolen property in his pants and demanded him to remove it from his pants and hand it to him.

I WAS JUST BORROWING IT: A 40-year-old man reported that his 1998 Ford Explorer was taken from his property without his permission by one of his acquaintances. The suspect returned to the scene with the vehicle about an hour and a half after the incident was reported. Police were on the scene when he returned.

GOOD PARTS ARE HARD TO FIND: A business owner reported that someone tore his air conditioning unit apart and stole several parts from the machine.

WHERE DID THE LOVE GO: A 30-year-old woman said a man followed her vehicle from LaSalle Street and Senior Drive through a neighborhood and onto I-77. She told police that the suspect has been harassing her for the past four years and said there have been numerous occasions where she looked in her vehicle's rearview mirror and saw the suspect following her. She said she normally just keeps driving until the suspect stops following her.

STRANGE ENCOUNTERS: A 20-year-old man reported that a person unknown to him entered his place of work on Queen City Drive and poked him on his cheek with his finger.

PERV ALERT: A 27-year-old woman was asleep when a man broke into her home. She was startled from her sleep when she felt the suspect touching her left thigh. The suspect was arrested a few blocks away from the woman's home.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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