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Blogged Down...But Not Out

Charlotte bloggers, arise



Pseudonymous writer "Ace" takes on subjects such as gay rights and beer on her blog site with a viewpoint she felt was scarcely expressed when she began blogging in 2003.

"I'd seen a lot of voices that were really great out there, but there weren't that many voices saying what I wanted to say," she said. "So I thought I'd add my voice to the ruckus."

After little more than few minutes of typing, a blog was born.

As it is with other media, some blogs approach brilliance while others, at best, aspire to the sophomoric. Blogs have debunked conventional wisdom, driven news agendas and promoted unsung talents. At least, they have elsewhere: For whatever reason, blogs haven't attracted the kind of attention in Charlotte that they have in other North Carolina towns.

A loose network of Charlotte bloggers maintains hope of forging the kind of blogosphere weigh stations found in the Triangle and Triad areas, where several universities and high-tech industries draw a creative class that spawns blog sites.

Dave Beckwith, the writer behind Anonymoses ( and a point man for many Charlotte bloggers, had hoped to start a conference for likeminded locals. He may instead focus attention on a Greensboro convention planned for October. Organizers have billed ConvergeSouth ( as "the South's first free conference focused on moving North Carolina toward breakthroughs in creativity and diversity on the Internet."

Beckwith isn't sure why blogging hasn't attracted as much attention here. "It could be that in Charlotte, people aren't really as inclined to community or something," Beckwith said.

Regardless, Charlotte does have several blogs worth reading. There are the political sites, like the Libertarian-tinged Charlotte Capitalist ( There are the cultural, like the recently revived Charlotte101 ( Then there is the multitude of personal sites, like Anna Banana (, full of musings once shared with friends and family. And if you can't find one you like, start your own.


Here's a sampling of Charlotte blogs, with a few other NC sites mixed in:

The Pryhills: Living in Wholly Matrimony ( This 27-year-old blogger provides a centrist, even right-leaning, gay-positive perspective.

Charlotte Capitalist ( He lives in Charlotte. He's a capitalist. You get the idea.

Pam's House Blend ( She's not local, but this Triangle blogger often comments on Charlotte issues.

Charlotte 101 ( This blog culls posts from several local sites.

Anonymoses ( One of the most well-known names among Charlotte bloggers, Dave Beckwith began this wide-ranging site before authoring dozens of others.

View from the Cheap Seats ( One Cabarrus County man's "semi-informed personal opinion" of the growing county's political scene.

Save CMS Kids ( A companion to the bulletin board,

The704 ( This culture site is active again after a several-months hiatus.

Drunk in a Midnight Choir ( Its title alone merits mention.

Charlotte Mommies ( More of a bulletin board than a blog, this site is a partner with Charlotte Parent magazine.

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