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Black, white and read all over

Plus some other mixers from last week


Oooh, creamy

Singer Nathan Palmer from the Truckstop Preachers tried his best to shave while performing at the Beards Because fundraiser at Amos' Southend on Jan. 11. See QC After Dark on p. 59 for more details.

Benefactresses are us

Posing for the camera, (from left to right) Jameka Whitten, Kirsten Hemmy (the director of the center) and Kali Ferguson organized an evening of lyrical creativity for the opening of the Mosaic Literacy Center on Jan. 16.

In the mix

Artist Willie Little chats with attendees of his In Mixed Company exhibit opening at Levine Museum of the New South on Jan. 17.

It's all in black and white

Characters in the Q Productions performance of A Day of Absence do their thang at the Levine Museum of the New South on opening night, Jan. 17.

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