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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (June 23)

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Lost and Found An officer filed a report last week after a hit-and-run investigation turned into something else entirely. The officer said he saw a car that matched the description of a hit-and-run suspect parked on the curb. Although the vehicle wasn't the one he was looking for, he did find some marijuana sitting on the dashboard. Since he couldn't find out where the owner was, the officer reported that he simply seized the drugs as found property, leaving the owner to forever wonder who stole his stash.

Creep A 55-year-old woman decided last week that no amount of work was worth spending time with a man who made her feel uncomfortable and so she filed a police report against him. The woman told officers that the man picked her up under the pretense that she would be doing some landscaping work with him. On the way to the job site, the woman said she "became uneasy about the situation" and asked him to take her home, which he did without incident.

Rude Awakening A 66-year-old man woke up to a startling sound last weekend: that of his garage door opening. He was right to be concerned, too, as when he went downstairs to investigate he found that someone had stolen two Ford Focuses; one from the garage and one from the driveway.

Bad Trip Police and Medic responded to the Ballantyne Country Club for an overdose call last week after a 17-year-old boy called 911 and told dispatchers that he had consumed mushrooms and thought he may have eaten too many. Or at least that's what the trees were trying to convince him.

Overtime Pay Management at a local Jack in the Box turned in one of their employees who they say made off with a daily deposit of $636 that was supposed to go to the bank. She has nothing on another woman who worked at Harris Teeter, however. She was a longtime employee up until last week, when management found she had been embezzling money from the business for years. They estimated she took around $28,304.

Nailed It A 19-year-old man went to police after spending the week dodging another man who had it out for him. He told police that the suspect had fired a nail gun at him several times at one point, and then two days later threatened him again and threw a water bottle at him. We'll take the water bottle over a nail gun any day.

Getaway Driver Needed Sometimes you just have to wait these thieves out. Management at a car dealership on Independence Boulevard were alarmed to find that thieves who had struck before were back for more, but this time they were going to take the whole business down with them. Employees told police that the dealership had had several keys stolen from the shop in a previous incident, and the vehicles matching the keys were stolen shortly thereafter. The thieves returned last week and tried to make off with three more cars, but were unable to get out of the lot before one of the suspects drove into one of the roof's support beams. Police said the suspect damaged the vehicle he was driving, another parked vehicle, and threatened the integrity of the building. The suspects took off in the car they arrived in.

Guilty Conscience A 51-year-old woman turned in an interesting assortment of weapons and other goods to the police last weekend after second-guessing the necessity of owning such things. According to the report, the woman handed over a shotgun, shotgun shells, a Taser, a three-ounce can of pepper spray, four box cutters, a two-foot chain, four gold chevron sergeant pins and a teddy bear dressed in army fatigues. She reportedly told officers that "she no longer needed the property because society doesn't need it." That's never stopped anyone before.

Move Quicker Never bite the hand that feeds you, or drives you around for that matter. A 24-year-old woman called police to SouthPark Mall last week after she claimed the driver of the bus she was on intentionally shut the door of the bus on her arm.

Right Place Wrong Time A would-be fraud suspect was startled when he saw police come through the door of a Rite-Aid last week as he was attempting to commit a crime in peace. Pharmacy employees told police that the suspect was attempting to have a fraudulent Oxycodone prescription filled when police responded to the same store for an unrelated call. The suspect saw the officers arriving to the store and immediately fled the scene without any pills.

Lunch Date An employee at a mechanic shop in north Charlotte filed a police report last week after being threatened by a former co-worker. The victim said the man, who had been fired from the store on the previous day and thought the victim was to blame, called him saying that he was coming to the store to kill him, but he was going to wait until lunch to do so.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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