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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (July 14)

One last dance



Stripped Tips weren't enough for one dancer at a local strip club last week, according to a man who had spent an evening there and apparently didn't spend enough money. The man told police that he was walking out of the club at 2:30 a.m. when a woman walked up to him and asked him why he didn't ask her to dance for him when he was inside. She then hugged him and walked away. He claims that as he saw the suspect drive off he noticed that the $3,500 gold chain he had been wearing was no longer on his neck. He told police he believes she stole it.

Cloud Killers People like to use the Fourth of July as a reason to shoot their guns in the air in city limits without worrying about their neighbors calling the police. What they rarely worry about, however, is which of those neighbors is going to have to deal with the consequences. A 27-year-old man in Druid Hills was lying in bed just after midnight on July 3 when a bullet came through the roof of his bedroom. Luckily, it landed next to him instead of in him.

That's Deep One man decided to aim a little lower with his gun in Hickory Grove last week. Police responded to a shots fired call near a manmade lake after a man decided that shooting fish in a barrel was too easy for him. A witness told officers that an unknown man approached the lake and fired a handgun into it multiple times before leaving the scene.

Locked Out A 41-year-old woman in South End filed a police report last week that leaves some questions unanswered. The woman told officers that someone stole a package from her front porch before she had the chance to open it. While that crime in itself is common enough, it's the contents of the package that raises questions. The woman told police that the keys to her house and car were in the box, but also valued those stolen contents at $500.

Utilized A utility service company filed a report after someone allegedly dug into the ground and stole a radio detection transmitter used for underground utility detection. The piece of equipment was listed as costing $900, although it's unclear if there's much demand for one on the black market.

Ditch the Stash Police came across a vehicle that appeared to be left for dead on the side of LaSalle Street following a wreck. Officers said they found the car wrecked into a tree and it looked as if it had struck a gate before hitting the tree. The driver had fled the scene by the time officers found the car, but they left something behind. Officers said they found a half-pound of weed in the car.

The Kitchen Sink A 37-year-old woman called police after returning home to find that someone had cleaned her out of an odd assortment of her belongings. The woman told officers that someone entered her home and made off with a tablet, a blood glucose monitor, souvenir bracelets from Jamaica, a glass jar full of coins and multiple condoms.

Sacked A woman who already knew she had a horrible ex-boyfriend had to find out last week that she also had a horrible boss. The woman told officers that a man was repeatedly calling her workplace just to harass her. At the end of June, after two full months of harassment, her boss allegedly fired her because of the calls.

No ID Police responded to Ramah Church Road for a trespassing call after two juveniles were banned from a property and needed to be escorted out. Things got confusing, however, when the juveniles' guardian came to pick them up. Police asked her who she was, and she allegedly got caught lying to the police about her identity. It's now safe to say that no one in the family is allowed on the whole road any more.

Timeout A 57-year-old woman had different issues last week with her juvenile son at their east Charlotte home. The woman told officers that she was arguing with her son and when she went into the bathroom he blocked the door off so she was stuck inside.

Take It All A man didn't stop at just stealing food when he dined and ditched at Steamers Sports Pub in east Charlotte. Management at the restaurant told police that a man ate $9 worth of food and drank $20 worth of drinks before leaving without paying his tab. After he left, they realized that he also made off with the darts from the dartboard.

Cat Scratch Fever A 38-year-old man in the University area after he was assaulted by another man who wouldn't stop until he drew blood. The victim told officers that the man scratched him with his fingernails, and when that didn't work he tried to cut him with a pair of safety scissors. The man refused treatment from Medic, as he only suffered superficial scratches.

Threat of the Week A suspect in east Charlotte decided he wanted to go through the generations of one family after already apparently assaulting one young man. A 52-year-old woman filed a police report stating that someone called her and said, "I'm not playing. All of you are going down. Yeah, old lady, I'm going to fuck you up like I did your grandson."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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