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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte's police files (Oct. 3)

Par for the course



Pee-petrator: Two middle-aged women called police last week after getting more than they bargained for at a local gas station. The women told officers that they were filling their tanks while another man began to empty his, so to speak. The man was exposing his penis to both women while he urinated all over a gas pump. When one of the women told him to stop he began cursing at her and then threw multiple water bottles at her.

Shanked: A teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School was alarmed when she found a tool in one of her students' desks that could have belonged to someone in prison. The kid had stashed away a glue stick intended for a hot glue gun. But this stick had been modified: a razor had been stuck inside it. Tape was used to help the weapon's stability.

Overprotective: A woman called police and filed an assault report after her daughter was playing the bully at school last week and got roughed up in the process. The mother told officers that the school administration at South Mecklenburg High School used excessive force while restraining her daughter even "as she assaulted another student."

Knocked out: A 56-year-old man called police last week after he was threatened while soliciting in a University-area business park. The man told officers he was knocking on doors to promote his ministry in the University Research Park when he was approached by a man who was not appreciative of his preaching. The man told him if he didn't leave right away that he would "knock on his door and it wouldn't be so pretty."

Hole in two: While bizarre crimes don't often happen on golf courses, Tradition Golf Course in University has outdone itself with two Blotter appearances in as many weeks. This week a man was surprised to find that the player who used his golf cart before him had left behind more than a ball or two. The new driver found a Firestar handgun sitting in the cart. He turned it into course staff.

Inside Job: Although many threats never come to fruition, one woman took hers to another level last week when she entered a victim's house and went wild. The 34-year-old victim told officers she had been receiving threatening texts from a woman all week but didn't file a report until the suspect acted on them. The other woman came to the victim's house when she wasn't home and keyed her car and slashed her tires. Deciding that wasn't enough, the woman broke into the victim's home, poured milk on the couch, slashed her mattresses and poured liquor onto a pile of her clothes.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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