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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte's police files (June 21 Edition)

Attack of the brace face, fake cash and more


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Dark Knight Rises: The head of a home owner's association in south Charlotte called police last week after realizing that a crime fighter left his mark in their suburban neighborhood. The victim told police that at some time during the evening a suspect spray-painted a black bat encircled by a yellow circle on a 6-foot fence that surrounds the neighborhood clubhouse. Under the insignia, the suspect sprayed, "Batman was here."

Fake Baller: Police responded to a fraud call at West Meck High School last week. A 17-year-old student came to the principal and told him that the suspect had asked him if he had change for a hundred dollar bill. The student gave him change and then realized that the bill he got in return was fake. When administration found the student, he was bragging about the rest of the "money" he had: $1,300 worth of fake hundreds.

Vicious Cycle: Walmart employees called police after a team of smooth criminals defrauded the business last week. A manager told officers that a man came in to a store in Rocky Mount one afternoon and bought an iPad using $900 worth of fake $50 bills. A second man brought that iPad into a store on North Tryon Street and returned it for real money. Then, the original buyer from Rocky Mount came into the North Tryon store and bought another iPad with more counterfeit bills.

The Politics of Taste: Police responded to an assault call at Taste of Charlotte after turf wars broke out among some people working under the tents. A 43-year-old man told officers on the scene that he was passing out voter registration cards when a man working at a nearby tent started angrily grabbing clipboards out of his hands and out of the hands of a woman filling out a card. The victim told police that as the man was snatching the clipboards, he swung one around and hit him in the face. The suspect said he was angry that the voter registrar was working in front of his tent.

Brace Face Busted: A 44-year-old man filed a police report last week after someone stole $1,800 worth of equipment from her backpack at Elon Park. The man said someone went into her bags while she was playing basketball in the gym and stole a two-piece dental retainer and its pink case.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.


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