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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



No Fun: Police responded to a child endangerment call last week after a girl was found wandering the streets of her neighborhood. The man who filed the report told officers a 2-year-old girl he had never seen came from across the street and began playing with his kids. The police were called and the girl was returned home. Some children learn the expression, "Is it because I'm black?" earlier than others.

Just Breathe: A student was arrested at Mallard Creek High School last week after he was found carrying drug contraband. A search of his backpack by the school resource officer turned up a bong, a marijuana grinder and a gas mask. Apparently, when you're dealing with weed as good as his, you need more than just your average paraphernalia.

Bad Girls Club: A 24-year-old girl called police last week when she returned home to find that her two 20-year-old roommates had kicked in her bedroom door and poured bleach on her clothes. The damage was $1,500. Police returned to the scene later after the girl allegedly went to the parking lot and slashed all four tires on each of her roommates' cars. Do we smell a reality TV show in the making?

High class: A student was arrested for trespassing last week at James Martin Middle School after returning to the scene of a crime. The report states the kid was sent home earlier in the day because he was high. Later in the day, when school was letting out, he was seen walking in the hallway with another student. Let's get this right: You were sent home high and still wanted to be at school? Aren't there better places to be when you're high?

Color Me Depressed: A woman filed a report last week stating that someone in her 70-year-old mother's nursing home had stolen her TV and replaced it with a black-and-white set that hardly works. Um ... what's a black-and-white set?

Threat of the Week: A 26-year-old woman called police after being threatened via text messages last week. The victim told officers the suspect sent 11 text messages stating, "No more games bitch. You have to die and the baby. You will have a house fire tonight. And your mom and dad. It's called murder." Oh, the sentence frags! See what text messaging is doing to our generation's knowledge of grammar?

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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