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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



Your Wife Might Be Cheating If ...: A 61-year-old man said a man called his home to speak to his wife. The man started making sexually explicit comments and told the woman he wanted to have sex with her. The husband is furious and wanted to know who the man is. The wife claimed to have no idea who the man is or how he got her number.

Soured Relationship: A 24-year-old man said he has had problems with a former female friend for a while. He said one day they saw each other and the woman balled up her fist and said, "I'll fuck you up." The man said there was no reason for her to do that. He is upset because he's tired of having arguments with the woman and tired of her continuously making nasty comments about his mother.

All in the Family: A 21-year-old woman said she got into an argument with a male relative. She said the man threatened to beat the shit out of her and she believes he'll do it because he has beaten up other family members.

A Sister's Love: A 16-year-old woman said she got into a huge argument with her sister. Her sister became so angry during the disagreement that she hit the woman in the face and kicked her in the stomach. Police showed up and she was arrested on the scene.

Attack of the Biter: A 32-year-old man and one of his lady friends got into an argument that didn't end well, at least for him. The man said the woman assaulted him by biting and punching him. The man ended up with scratches all over his body and teeth marks on his fingers, left chest area and forehead.

Middle-Age Threats: A 50-year-old woman said one of her acquaintances, also an older woman, called her home and threatened her. She claimed the acquaintance said, "You better not cross my path or you will be sorry."

Threat of the Week: A 19-year-old woman was chilling at her house when a woman called to threaten her. The caller was mad as hell and said, "Bitch, I will kill you and I will beat your ass." The woman said she knew the caller, but doesn't know what the caller was upset about.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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