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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



JEALOUS RAGE: A 22-year-old woman said her ex-boyfriend came to her apartment unannounced and grew irate when he found another man there. He yelled, made threats and eventually chased the woman's friend out of the apartment. He then turned his rage on the woman and ran her out of her own apartment when he threw beer bottles at her. She said he has no right to be upset that she had another man in her apartment because he broke up with her two weeks ago.

LOAN SHARK: A 19-year-old man was parked outside a bank on Sugar Creek Road when an acquaintance approached. As soon as he got close enough to the man, the acquaintance punched him in the face, reached inside the vehicle and pulled the keys from the ignition. He then left the scene. The man said his friend is mad at him because he hasn't returned the car dolly he'd borrowed.

CRAZY LANDLORD: A 42-year-old man said his landlord came to the man's apartment and started an argument. As he was closing his front door to end the matter, his landlord pushed the door back open and it hit the man in the arm. The landlord threatened to further harm the man before he left the scene.

EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK: A 46-year-old man said he was swindled out of thousands of dollars by contractors who promised to renovate his home. The man said the contractors started work on his home, but never finished. He said all they did was paint the exterior. Not only did they not complete the paint job, they also stole a stove, refrigerator, light fixtures and kitchen cabinets from his house.

THREAT OF THE WEEK: A 45-year-old man said his ex-friend threatened him. "I'm going to come to your house and beat the door down and kill you," the ex-friend said. "If I see you on the street I am going to beat you up for G.P." The man said his ex-friend is mad about a rumor that doesn't concern him.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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