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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte Police files



KLEPTO KID: A 61-year-old woman was baby-sitting an acquaintance's son one evening at her home when the little boy stole her engagement ring and wedding band. The woman estimates that the rings are worth $2,000.

TEXT MESSAGE DRAMA: A 24-year-old woman and her boyfriend were enjoying a quiet evening at home when he got a text message. She checked to see who the text was from. Seeing that it was from a girl, the woman went ballistic and started yelling at her boyfriend. Her boyfriend started choking her. She wants to press charges.

STOLEN MINUTES: A 47-year-old woman called her cell phone provider's billing department to find out why there were no minutes left on her prepaid phone. She said that she added new minutes to her phone only a few days earlier and they shouldn't be used up yet. The billing department told her that her minutes were transferred to another account at her request. She said she never made that request. She asked to whose account the minutes were transferred. The billing department gave her the name of her friend. The woman is now upset that her friend pretended to be her to steal her minutes. She wants to press charges and she wants the $39.95 back.

AND THE WINNER IS ...: A 75-year-old woman was duped out of $8,000 by someone who claimed the women won millions of dollars from Publishers Clearing House. The woman said she got a letter from someone informing her that she won the grand prize and a check was included. The letter instructed the woman to call a man at a specific number. When she called, he told her to cash the check and send him a check for $8,000 to pay for taxes and fees associated with her winnings. The woman did as she was instructed. Too bad for her she found out the check was counterfeit after she mailed the $8,000 check to the man.

CROOKS DO THE DARNEDEST THINGS: An employee at a grocery store on Beatties Ford Road said a man walked in and stole a small keg of beer. It was obvious to the employee that the man was trying to steal because he tried to conceal the small keg with his jacket, but it was too big to hide.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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