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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



A CONVICT'S LOVE: A 20-year-old woman received mail from an ex-boyfriend serving time in a penitentiary, but it wasn't exactly a love letter: the man threatened to beat the woman's ass when he got out of jail.

BEST (OR WORST) EXCUSE TO GET OUT OF WORK ... EVER: A 19-year-old woman received an alarming call from an acquaintance. "You better not go to work tomorrow because something bad is going to happen to you if you do," the man said. Since the call more than a week ago, the woman hasn't been to work. She said the man repeated the warning in a call a few days later, and she believes he will harm her. It's unknown whether she still has a job.

A GIRL'S GOT TO HAVE STANDARDS: A 54-year-old woman and her male friend went from hotel to hotel, hoping to find a room they could afford so they could have sex. Alas, they didn't have enough money, so the man suggested they have sex have outside.. When he woman refused, the man became irate and pushed her into some bushes.

JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS: A 28-year-old man let his friend borrow his 1999 GM Envoy, expecting him to return it the next day. When no truck materialized, the man He told an officer that he probably wasn't using his best judgment when he let the friend borrow the truck – because he was high.

THREAT OF THE WEEK PT. 1: A 32-year-old woman said a former acquaintance called her and threatened to kill her and her son. The caller also vowed to burn down her house.

THREAT OF THE WEEK PT. 2: A store owner was taking pictures of homeless people sleeping outside his business. A man walking by didn't think what store owner was very kind, so he told the store owner that he was going to burn his business down.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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