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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



CAUGHT ON TAPE: A 44-year-old man said he was unloading his truck behind The Home Depot on Rivergate Parkway when a vehicle came fast through the parking lot at a high speed, striking him and sending him flying into the air. The driver then got out and punched the man in the face before speeding off. Witnesses reported seeing the driver speed away, but they didn't see the actual incident. But a nearby Target video camera caught a different story. The tape showed the driver come to a complete stop as it tried to get past the truck. The video then shows the driver moving forward slowly and the man falling on the hood of the car. The video didn't show how the man fell, but it shows the two men vigorously fighting before the driver drove off with the man running after him.

KIDS GONE WILD: A 33-year-old teacher at a local elementary school said one of her students caused a large disruption by cursing, using abusive language and throwing his desk. He had to be removed from the room, whereupon he took his aggression out on the teacher. He kicked his shoe off, hitting her in the chest.

CATTY CUSTOMER: A 26-year-old Texaco clerk said an acquaintance came into the gas station and started an argument with her over a man. When the clerk handed the woman a receipt, the woman snatched it and purposely scratched the clerk's arm. As the woman was leaving, she grabbed a beer bottle and threw it at the clerk.

CRAZIEST THREAT EVER: A 57-year-old woman said a man called her 12 times in one evening. She asked him to stop calling her, but he continued to do so. She said the man threatened her during some of the calls, but the most alarming threat came when he said, "I'm going to kill you and I will cut your head off." The woman is afraid the man will carry out the threat.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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