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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files (Sept. 12)

Board the windows!


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Can I Crash?: A south Charlotte woman will not be invited to any more block parties after she pissed off one of her neighbors last week. A man reported seeing a woman driving home at 9:30 p.m. when she allegedly veered off course, striking a mailbox and a tree in his front yard. The man says he went outside, only to watch the woman continue home and walk into her house as if nothing happened.

No scrubs: A 19-year-old University man paid a painful price for standing up to an armed robber last week. The victim confronted the suspect, who assaulted the poor guy with a pot scrubber, leaving scratches down his arms.

Gassed Up: Apparently Pat McCrory's cuts to education have left CMS workers desperate, as officers found last week at a transportation center the school system operates in southwest Charlotte. Officers were watching the center when they saw a car drive around its parking lot with its headlights off. Police reportedly intercepted the car as it approached the fuel center and found a CMS employee holding enough equipment to steal several hundred gallons of gas meant for school system vehicles.

Smoking Rock: An 82-year-old man filed a police report against his son, who had been asking his father for money to support his drug addiction. The father told officers that his son had been calling him all day asking for money so he could buy drugs. After the son finally stopped calling, the man thought he could relax. But he said the son showed up later in the day and threw a rock through his elderly father's window.

Knock Knock: A man and woman told police they were startled when they heard a window break in their home last week. When they went to inspect the damage, they found someone trying to break into their home through the window. When they confronted the man, he aimed a handgun at them through the broken window and fired. The bullet missed and traveled through the front door, striking the front door of a neighbor, who was not home.

Bad baby: An unborn baby served jail time after a car wreck last week. According to police, the baby's mother backed into a 31-year-old woman and when the victim exited her vehicle, the mother-to-be punched her in the face. Mama was arrested. No word if her pregnancy hormones were, too.

Nasty rumor: A 54-year-old man filed a police report to clear his name after someone in his neighborhood began spreading rumors that he is a sex offender. The man is not a sex offender but is now hearing talk that some neighbors want to shoot up his house.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.


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