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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files (Nov. 14)

Tow-truck terror



Pedicab Confessions: With all of the rickshaws and party peddlers trolling around Charlotte these days, it's surprising that it took this long for someone to get injured by one. Last week, a 48-year-old woman was "dumped onto the ground" from the pedicab she was riding in when the vehicle experienced an "equipment malfunction."

Get Booted: While repo men and tow-truck drivers usually take heat from residents whose cars they are taking, one tower flipped the script on an angry driver last week in east Charlotte. The tow-truck driver was putting a boot on a man's car, listening to him complain. After collecting the money, the tower told the driver, "If I ever see you in the street I am going to kick your ass." The driver took his car and drove straight to the police station, where he filed a report.

Kids: A few students at St. Patrick Catholic School haven't been impressed with the school's teachings, as they allegedly came to school during Halloween weekend and decapitated religious statues in the school's garden area. In an unrelated incident, a CMS bus driver was attacked in east Charlotte last week. The woman was driving near The Plaza when a group of kids began throwing rocks at the vehicle, shattering two windows and denting its frame.

Throw up, throwed out: A man was arrested at the Panthers vs. Falcons game. He was ejected from the stands after throwing up all over himself in the middle of the game, eventually becoming disruptive. As police arrested him, they found some weed and two pipes on him.

Mad Money: A 47-year-old woman turned to police after a scam artist got too pushy. The woman told police that the suspect called her home multiple times, claiming that she and her family had won the lottery. When the woman told the suspect that she was aware of the scam, the suspect became enraged and began cursing her out. Before hanging up, she yelled at the victim to "get her ass to the CVS in the Rivergate area to pick up the money."

Curb Appeal: A police officer was patrolling his area in Uptown when he observed someone driving erratically down 8th Street. The woman was driving on the sidewalk, hitting multiple cars parked along the street. The officer stopped her and found that she was driving under the influence and with a revoked license.

Eat Shit: A bike rider must not have been happy with their experience at Bodega corner store in NoDa, as someone witnessed the suspect ride by the business and fling a bag full of feces at the front door. The bag broke upon contact.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Editor's Note: According to the owner of the Bodega, the bike rider was not a customer, but rather a "crazy person."

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