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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files (Jan. 24)

Sniffing underwear, a missing tree, more



Scratch and Sniff: An officer pulled a man in east Charlotte last week after witnessing the suspect driving recklessly. When he approached the vehicle, the cop saw what he observed as "marijuana shavings" in plain view, so he searched the car. After finding a pair of brass knuckles and determining the man had a suspended license, the officer arrested him. That's where things get weird. The man also had $3,000 in his underwear. The officer described the money as having a "moderate odor of marijuana," because apparently the first thing police do when they find something in your underwear is sniff it.

Why I've Sinned: Two grown men made fools of themselves in front of children and God last week when they couldn't control their tempers at a charity basketball game. The two men, 42 and 45, were competing in a school-sponsored game at Northside Baptist Church when they began to argue. The argument got out of hand and the two almost physically fought, dragging other people into the fray and "causing a breach of peace." Father, forgive the fathers.

Crossing the Aisle: A man woke up from a peaceful nap during a flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles last week to find that another man he had never met was touching his genitalia. The victim complained, and law enforcements officials told him they would be in touch (pun intended) after reviewing the evidence.

Drop the Bomb: Last week a man said what you're not supposed to say at an airport: He calmly told security officers that he wanted to claim a bomb as his carry-on. When asked to clarify, he reiterated that he was in possession of a bomb and wanted to bring it on the plane. The man was not, in fact, carrying a bomb but was arrested anyway and charged with communicating threats.

Recycle, Reuse: While some people pride themselves on recycling paper, others go a little further by just recycling the trees themselves. Employees at Quarterside Apartments in Uptown showed up at work last week and found that one of their trees had been uprooted overnight. Apparently, a landscaping business had taken the tree and planted it at a nearby church, where it was found the next day and returned to its proper location.

Sucker Punched: Police responded to an assault call at Olympic High School last week after a 17-year-old student reluctantly admitted to being beaten up. The boy told officers that the suspect was playing a joke on him, but apparently the "joke" was him being punched repeatedly in the face.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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