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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files (Jan. 10)

Robbery by way of a machete? That's just unfair



Dog the Bounty Hunter: A 21-year-old woman called police after a mysterious man stole a dog from her and her four roommates. The woman told officers that an unknown man knocked on the back door of their University area rental home. When she opened the door, the man walked straight past her and into a bedroom where the dog was. The man picked up the dog, listed as Maverick, and left the house without saying a word.

Gun Uncontrolled: Police responded to an apartment building in east Charlotte after a few men got too rowdy while celebrating the new year. The men were drinking in the parking lot at 4 a.m. when one began shooting a gun into the air. Apparently, this was not entertaining enough for him because, for no reason that any witness could recall, he pointed the weapon at one of his friends. When another friend grabbed his arm and redirected it, the suspect became angry and fled the scene in his car.

Peepee Patrol: Security guards at Northlake Mall are hopefully enjoying a newly scrubbed office after an incident during the holiday rush. During the hoopla, two suspicious men refused to leave the mall when asked. The men resisted arrest but were quickly scooped up and brought to the security office to await police. This may have been the security guards' biggest mistake because while detained, one of the men urinated on the walls and carpet.

Window Wrecker: Police responded to a home in west Charlotte last week after a clever suspect pulled a two-for-one while vandalizing an enemy's home. The victim told officers that the man drove up to her house and broke the side mirror off of her car, apparently trying to get her attention. When that didn't bring her outside, the man threw the mirror through the front window of her home before fleeing the scene.

Threaty with a Machete: Police responded to a robbery call in east Charlotte after a horrified couple was accosted at a Wells Fargo ATM machine. A 33-year-old man told officers that he and his girlfriend were in their car getting money out when three men approached them wearing masks. One of the men was armed with a machete and threatened to cut the man. The men did not ask the victim to withdraw money; instead, they pressed the "Return Card" button on the ATM screen and made off with the man's debit card.

Threat of the Week: A 68-year-old woman filed a police report after a man who somehow must've gotten her pregnant revealed his idolization of a former Panthers player. The man called the woman and told her, "You are calling my job? That is OK. I am going to do like Rae Carruth did, and I am going to kill you and the baby." Apparently, the man didn't know that Carruth's son is still alive.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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