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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files (Feb. 14)

Revenge by kitty litter



Burn Notice: Some people just don't know when to keep quiet. A neighbor called fire and police departments after noticing a Matthews home was on fire. When the owners arrived and the fire had been put out, the two men dug around the ashes and noticed someone had broken in, most likely before setting their home ablaze. The very honest victims admitted among the missing items were an Xbox, $150,000 in cash, a .22 caliber assault rifle, a MacBook and two ounces of marijuana.

Timberrrrr: One Charlotte police officer got the short end of the stick last week during a foot chase. The man was running after a suspect through the backyards of an east Charlotte neighborhood when the suspect jumped a fence. The officer tried to follow, but a dead tree fell on him before he could climb over. The officer was taken to the hospital and treated for possible internal injuries.

Survivor Skills: A 25-year-old man filed a police report after an unknown suspect broke into his car outside of his apartment complex. The suspect stole three jackets and a knife designed by Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls. The victim went into the woods behind his complex, where he believed the thief had fled, and found two of his jackets. If only Grylls could have been there to help him hunt for the rest.

Bad Kitty: Reports of jealous girlfriends pouring bleach on their boyfriends' clothes are pretty common in Charlotte. Some ladies even get creative and donate them to Goodwill. But one woman has topped them all. Her former lover filed a report stating that she "damaged" $950 worth of clothing by dousing a pile in kitty litter. No word on whether she was accompanied by a large tiger with an upset stomach.

Bus Boo-Boo: Someone missed a big payday last week after he was hit by a city bus and didn't seem to mind. The bus driver told officers that she struck a man who was walking in front of her vehicle. The man refused assistance from CATS personnel and walked away before he could even be identified.

Threat of the Week: Tax season is always crazy, but who knew it potentially could cost someone their life? A 30-year-old woman called police after she and her son were threatened by a family friend. The man sent the woman a text that read, "If you don't let me carry your 3-year-old on my taxes, I am going to kill you and him."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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