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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (Sept. 25)




Sure, bro: With how easy it is to charge your phone these days, it's time to retire the ol' my-phone-died-on-me trick, guys. A woman called police after her husband went missing for a few hours. He showed up later in the evening and said his phone had "died" and he was unable to reach his wife.

Iron fist: A girl called police after her mother threatened to hit her with an iron. Lady, that's one way you should never straighten out your kids.

Food fight: Two students at Myers Park High School got into it with each other, but things got really serious when one threw a — wait for it — strawberry at the other's back. The incident occurred near the carpool line and apparently caused a disruption during dismissal.

TV no-show: Losing something in a move isn't uncommon. What is uncommon is for that something to be a 50-inch plasma TV worth $1,500. Our story begins with a man who moved to New York earlier this month, his moving truck not far behind him. Or so he thought. Upon arrival in the Big Apple, the victim told police he waited three days for his moving truck to show up. When it finally did, his TV was noticeably missing from his pile of stuff. A representative of the moving company said they did not have his TV. When the victim called the company back, he got no response.

Methtastic: Someone reported that an unknown suspect broke into the Walter G. Byers School's storage shed and stole five gallons of floor wax worth $250. In a (presumably) unrelated incident, someone stole $500 of "refrigerant 22 Chlorodifluoromethane," or refrigerant, from an apartment complex.

When one door opens: People, people, people, please, remember to lock your car doors. A woman reported that she went to the mall and returned to her car to find someone had stolen her laptop, Ray-Bans, cellphone, some clothes and about $10 in loose change. The suspect got in through an open door.

Illegal ink: A woman filed a police report alleging that a tattoo artist — the report doesn't say who — tattooed her 15-year-old daughter without her consent. The suspect did not ask for identification and did not request a signed parental consent form.

Me-ouch: Someone apparently got a little too rowdy after the Panthers game. He/she set fire to some cloth hanging on the field's fence, causing $500 in damages.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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