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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (Sept. 24)

What's that smell?



Crash Pad Police: responded to a breaking-and-entering call from a woman who said a man crawled into her back window while she was asleep. When they arrived on the scene, the woman told officers she knew the suspect, and doesn't believe he wanted to steal anything but was just drunk and looking for a place to sleep.

Cracking Up: A 33-year-old man filed a police report saying someone stole his cell phone, but he hadn't wanted to report it when it happened the night before. He then explained to officers that he had given his phone to a man and the man wouldn't return it, because he claimed it was a trade for the crack he had just given the victim, which explains why the victim was too busy to report the crime the previous night.

Checking Out: Employees at an Economy Inn in north Charlotte called the police for help removing a man who had overstayed his visit. The staff told officers the man had checked out earlier in the day but was still sleeping in a chair in the lobby. When officers woke the man, they found him to be holding a crack pipe in his lap.

Turnt Up at School: Police at Myers Park High School filed a report after finding a student drinking wine in the woods behind the auto-tech building at 10 a.m. In an unrelated incident, students at Coulwood Middle School reenacted a scene from Office Space on a school-owned computer. According to the report, the suspects threw a Google Chromebook to the ground multiple times and stomped on it together, apparently sick of being assigned online homework.

Something Stinks: Here A man could mask his smell but couldn't fool police responding to a local cosmetics store where he had allegedly shoplifted from. Employees called police when the man attempted to leave the store with three bottles of cologne he had not paid for, and that's when the struggle began. The man gave police a fake name three times, which they would run in the computer and realize it wasn't him, and this process continued until someone nearby identified him, bringing an end to his game.

To The Last Drop: Employees of a local U-Haul rental center filed reports after some ballsy thieves stole gasoline from the business. The manager told officers that someone used an electric drill to drill a hole in the bottom of two of the trucks' gas tanks and made off with 40 gallons of gasoline.

Just to Chat: Police visited a man at his residence last week because he reportedly got super drunk and continuously called 911 throughout the day to make non-emergency complaints. Officers decided they wanted to meet him in person after all of these phone calls, and they arrested him for misuse of 911.

Free Ride: Management at a local car dealer filed a report after a former employee helped himself to his choice from the lot. The staff at the dealership said the former employee came to the business when no one was there, took the keys to a Cadillac Deville and even printed out a dealer tag before leaving the lot in his new ride.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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