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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (Oct. 23)

Crackpot jackpot



H.B.I.C.: A mom we really want to befriend called police to prove a point to her shittily behaved kids. At about 10:30 p.m. one recent evening, she reported to police that her children were being disrespectful and involved in delinquent behavior. According to the report, "the reporting person wanted this incident documented." *Finger snap.*

Scam session: Someone apparently misunderstood the concept of a garage band when he or she allegedly climbed someone's fence to gain entry to their backyard, broke the lock on this person's shed and stole two musical instruments — a microphone and a Yamaha keyboard — worth $200 each. The point is to play the instruments there, not take them out.

So rude: A woman summoned first responders to her home only to tell them to leave. According to the report, the reporting person called police, the fire department and medics to her home. When they arrived she reportedly told them not just to leave, but to "get off her property."

Crackpot jackpot: Here's one way to up your chances of winning the lottery. Someone walked into a gas station off Wilkinson Boulevard and walked out with $3,000 in lottery ticket booklets. Now, what are the chances the thief knows he or she will have to turn in any winning tickets, likely marked as stolen, to redeem the prize?

Ooo, sparkly: Officers at a TSA checkpoint in Charlotte-Douglas International confiscated sparklers from a passenger. For the record, we're more than three months past July 4th.

No love: Someone called police alleging assault after two family members bear hugged him. If bear hugging is wrong, we don't want to be right.

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