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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (Nov. 27)

Say a little prayer



Oh, You're Going To Hell: Sometime between the afternoon of Nov. 12 and morning of Nov. 14, someone broke into a northeast Charlotte church. After smashing a window with a wooden stake and gaining entry into the church sanctuary, the suspect removed a cross valued at $400 from the altar. While on the grounds, the suspect also entered a church education building through an unlocked window and attempted to vandalize a classroom dry-erase board with glue and markers. A wooden stake? Stealing a cross? Maybe they were trying to write a warning about vampires in the classroom.

It's Raining Bullets: A 45-year-old man reported that he woke up and found a bullet on the floor of his northeast Charlotte mobile home bathroom along with a hole in his ceiling. The day before, 12 miles away, a 38-year-old woman reported a bullet coming through her bedroom ceiling and landing on the floor of her northwest Charlotte home.

Like Clowns On A Volkswagen: Police were called to a University-area parking lot after a 23-year-old woman reported that several people were jumping up and down on the top of her Kia Spectra. The incident took place after a large party was shut down in a nearby apartment complex. If that's what they do for a party being shut down, imagine what would happen if the Panthers or Hornets won a title.

Something To Wash It Down: A suspect was apprehended at a Circle K after they shoplifted a 24-ounce Monster Energy Drink. While the person was patted down by an officer, a pill bottle in the suspect's front pocket was found containing $100 worth of crack cocaine.

Haha!!!: Someone broke into a 2010 Ford Fusion parked in the NoDa area in an effort to steal a 64GB iPhone. Instead, all they got was the phone's empty box.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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