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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (June 18)

Ripped off



Urine Trouble: Police responded to an east Charlotte neighborhood in response to a vandalism call between next door neighbors. The victim told officers that his neighbor damaged five setions of his lawn by pouring dog urine on them, effectvely killing the grass in each area. The report detailed the size and location of each patch of grass affected, but declined to describe just how the suspect collected his dog's urine to use in such a way.

Text Messages: A 54-year-old man filed a police report after a jilted lover or perhaps a disgruntled friend used pink spray paint to write "Bitch" on his blue Silverado while it was parked in his driveway. The suspect also punctured the car's tires and spray painted "Bitch" twice on his house. In an unrelated incident, a 33-year-old man filed a report after someone used a key to scratch an image of a penis onto the trunk of his Honda Accord.

Fancy Seeing You Here: A man was walking down the 4900 block of Central Avenue last week when he came across his own car parked in a lot. Until this point, he had believed his car was in his own driveway miles away. As he approached his vehicle in disbelief, two men approached and began assaulting him. The suspects then hopped in the victim's car and fled the scene.

Ripped Off: The nicest man in all of Charlotte was punished for his good deeds last week when someone went into his mailbox and stole money he was shipping off to charities. The man reported that someone stole money orders he had made for $127 in donations to seven different charities. A 33-year-old woman fell for a scam last week when she received a call at work from a man stating he was holding her husband for ransom and would shoot him if she didn't send $900. She wired the money and the suspect asked for more but before she could send it, she received an innocent call from her husband, who was probably surprised to hear he was being held hostage.

Jump The Pump: A man and woman got into it at a gas pump in south Charlotte recently, and police ended up responding to a resulting assault call. The female victim told officers that the two were waiting to use a gas pump when the man told her, "If you touch this pump, I'll break your face," before pushing her with both hands. The suspect told officers the woman approached him and said, "I will shoot you," and began touching him so he pushed her away. defensive drivers: A great instance of irony occurred in southwest Charlotte when a property owner said she witnessed a man approach her yard and attempt to steal her neon green Kids Alert sign, designed to get cars driving by to slow down. She said the man dropped the sign and ran off after being scared by a car driving by.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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