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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (Feb. 4)

Crime bites



Fatal Attraction A 46-year-old woman filed a police report after finding a wild rabbit's body in her front yard. That wouldn't be news itself, except for one detail: the rabbit was decapitated and the woman believes someone was trying to send her a message.

Suburban Smackdown A 32-year old man was assaulted after a heated argument with an acquaintance escalated into a full-fledged front yard brawl. The spat, which occurred in front of the victim's Briar Creek area home, got physical when the suspect raised a plastic lawn chair and began using it to strike the victim repeatedly in the arm. The fight eventually broke up, and the victim didn't report the assault until a week later.

Keep Dabbing Records weren't the only thing smashed during the last Panthers playoff game. A victimized Time Warner Cable box was discovered just south of Bank of America Stadium the morning after the game, apparently smashed to pieces with a baseball bat. Though the police report didn't explicitly state the antics were carried out by an Cardinals fan, we have a hunch that the perpetrator was one of few Queen City residents whose night didn't end with a celebratory dab.

But the Game is On We might have a guess as to why one South Charlotte man waited nearly 24 hours before informing police he'd been the victim to a violent flogging. The man, 32, was taking a walk around his apartment shortly before the Panther's playoff game, when a suspect began assaulting him with a dog leash. The undisclosed suspect reportedly "swung [the leash] around like a whip," and used it to strike the man "numerous times." The victim didn't report the leash-lashing to CMPD until the following morning, because priorities.

That Bites An elderly patient at a nursing home spent some time away from his room and, upon his return, discovered that several of his personal effects — including his dentures (valued at $2000) and a large sum of cash — had gone missing. The combined value of the stolen goods would mean a felony charge for whoever made off with the chompers.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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