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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (August 20)

Taking things too far



Test Drive: Police responded to an unusual shoplfiting call at Walmart when someone stole a half-gallon of milk. Witnesses told officers the suspect was using one of the business's motorized scooters to pick up some milk. The suspect decided not to pay for the milk, however, or to drop off the scooter. He or she reportedly kept on driving out of the parking lot and down the street and was nowhere to be found by the time police arrived.

One Pricey Box: A 26-year-old man was ripped off after making that classic Blotter decision to a buy something super expesive over the Internet. The man reported paying a suspect $3,200 for a Chopard watch and then being mailed an empty box by the seller.

Tantrum Time: A 60-year-old man turned to police after a recent houseguest began harassing him for another invite. The victim told officers he let a man stay at his house one night, but told him he had to leave the next day. Ever since, the suspect has been damaging property around the house and threatening the man from outside while he does it. The suspect has allegedly brought a gun to the home, attempted to kick down a door, burned areas of grass in the backyard and poured concrete onto the top of the air conditioning unit.

Standing at Attention: A 37-year-old woman called police after catching a Peeping Tom in the act. The woman said she was in the shower when she saw a man peeking into her window. She said when she approached the window she realized the man was standing on her patio chair and masturbating. When he saw her coming, the man jumped off the chair, picked it up and ran off with it.

Cooling Off: The dog days of summer are upon us, which often becomes clear through reading reports of what thieves have become interested in. A 39-year-old woman recently filed a police report after someone stole an entire air conditioning unit, worth $4,800, that was attached to the back of her house.

Cardiac Arrested: Some young person may have been trying to scare their grandparent into an early inheritance last week when a suspect called a bomb threat in to an east Charlotte nursing home.

Shattered Screens (and Windows): A thief in south Charlotte last week decided it was easier to target the low-hanging (or used) fruit and went after some phones that were still under repair. Police reported that an unknown suspect broke the window of a cellphone repair shop and made off with eight smart phones, worth $4,000 total, although it is unclear whether they had even been fixed yet.

Talking Shit: A man was humiliated by a bully at a McDonald's on Central Avenue last week for refusing to fight him. According to a report, the bully slapped the 24-year-old victim and continued to threaten him with statements like, "I am going to thrash you. I'm going to make one phone call and handle your little ass." For some reason, however, the suspect refused to fight the man in the open, and kept asking the victim to come fight him in the bathroom, which the victim smartly refused.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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