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Big pimpin' & big parties

From charity auctions to Ravens flying South



When I go out, the drink I tend to order most often is a water on the rocks with a twist (I'm a cheap date); but for some people around the world, my free tap water with lemon is more like a glass of Cristal because they don't have access to clean water.

That's why Modern Salon and Spa hosted the Pristine Party to benefit the Gulf Restoration Network. Modern pimped me out in their charity auction along with Charlotte Bobcat's assistant coach JB Bickerstaff, Editor of Charlotte Taste Katherine Stefan and Sarah Lee from 96.1 The Beat.

You're probably wondering what I was wondering upon receiving an invite to be pimped out for philanthropy -- why would anyone buy Brittney? Well, because I had a nice, big package, that's why. I came with tickets to the Wachovia Championship, Phillips Place block party and the NASCAR Nextel All Star Challenge, as well as driver apparel signed by Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harvick. If not for my big package they probably would have put me on clearance, well under the starting bid in order to sell me, but the all-inclusive package made my going rate $800 -- apparently, I am not that cheap of a date after all.

That night, I joined Bickerstaff at his table, along with his brother Bernard and friend Ashby of R World Entertainment. Let's just say their world is highly entertaining; R World hosted Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis' private party at Loft 1523. I figured that if the Ravens were flying south just for a party, then that is a party I wanted to be at. They took a guy/girl ratio control approach in an attempt to make it less of a meat locker as most Charlotte parties are, and the end result was so many hot (and I do mean hot) girls in cute black cocktail dresses I felt like I was at a sexy funeral.

Upon entering Loft 1523 it kind of feels like you're on your way to work, but after you make it up the private elevator and through the hallway past the offices, you enter a massive lounge blaring dance music to a wedding reception-sized dance floor and a patio as big as the interior.

I went back to Tilt recently to test out if the crowd has changed since its grand opening party with the questionable free loading vs. regular crowd party. Good times take two at Tilt, but I still can't make an accurate description of the crowd -- most people were there for their first time giving Tilt a test run, thus it still has that new bar smell, so we'll see how long it takes for that to wear off now that Snug Harbor and The Pub Gateway have opened.

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