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Best of The Blotter 2003

Cream of the Criminal Crop

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Squeaky Clean: While getting his car cleaned at an automated car wash, a man heard a godawful noise. After the wash was finished, he examined his car and saw that the muffler had been pulled off the undercarriage of his car.

Underdressed: While sleeping on the couch in their front room, a man and his wife were awakened by loud voices and cursing coming from the street. The man said that one person was standing in the street arguing with the driver and passenger of a nearby car. The person in the street became very upset and broke the side mirror off the homeowner's car. When the man yelled at the mirror-breaker, the vehicle took off and the person in the street started running in the opposite direction. The man chased him for about a block until he realized that he was wearing only his boxers and T-shirt and should probably go back to his house. The vehicle circled the block and picked up the other man, who had fled on foot.

Priorities In Order: A young man walking through an intersection heard gunshots. He began to run, but after a short distance he realized that he was shot so he stopped running and went to use a phone. Instead of calling an ambulance to take him to the hospital, he called his father to come and take him to the police department to make sure he didn't have any outstanding warrants. Then he went to the hospital.

Frigi-Dare: Residents of an apartment found closure after puzzling for months over missing food. Since February, the women living in the apartment had noticed food randomly disappearing from their mini-fridge. They guessed that someone had a key to their apartment, but didn't ask their landlord to change the locks until recently. While one of the women stood on her balcony, she spotted a man inside the apartment near her roommate's door. He ran when he realized the woman had noticed him. Upon inspecting her roommate's room, she found the man had attempted to steal food from her fridge. After the incident, the women's landlord consented to change their deadbolt lock.

Pass At Your Own Risk: While a woman followed a dumptruck down a North Charlotte road, a rock fell from the truck and cracked her windshield. Then, as she attempted to pass the truck, the driver tried to sideswipe the woman's car by swerving toward her. When the two were stopped at a traffic light, the truck driver hit the woman's bumper repeatedly and threatened to harm her. The woman and her passengers went to the hospital for treatment for neck and back injuries.

Can I Super Size That: At a local fast food business a man entered the drive-thru on foot; he tried to place an order and was refused. The cashier told the man that he had to place his order inside and that the drive-thru was for customers in cars. The man became very angry and picked up a rock and threw it at the drive-thru window, smashing it.

Be My Baby: A woman who had had enough of the sound of a baby crying in the next apartment began banging on the walls to urge the parents to calm down the infant. After 10 minutes of banging didn't lead to any decrease in the baby's bawling, she knocked on their door but no one ever answered. Frustrated, she called police who also heard the baby's wails but couldn't get anyone to open up. They asked the apartment complex manager to open the door, after which they noted that the baby's sounds were coming from a CD player's speakers. The apartment's renters were contacted and they explained that they had bought a CD of baby cries while at the beach and thought it would be a good way to keep burglars out.

Well, That Stinks: An acquaintance entered a man's home and threw perfume in his face, then began to strike him in the neck, face, and upper body.

Hunting Season: Several juveniles were playing with a BB gun. When a local woman came around the corner, one of the kids pointed the gun at her and accidentally shot her in the head.

Follow That Cab!: A driver for a local cab company was dispatched to a hotel to pick up a customer. The customer told the driver the address he wanted to go to. When the cab got close to that location, the customer wanted to be taken to a friend's house so that he could get the money for the cab fare. The friend in question had no money either, so the customer requested yet another location where his money supposedly was being held. The cab driver drove the customer to that location and then called 911 so the police could meet him there. After all those stops, the customer was unable to pay for the cab ride and was placed under arrest for failure to pay cab fare.

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