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Best Instagram Marketing Tips that Actually Work from Social Media Experts



With the growing impact of social media on our lives, people search for the most convenient strategy that will earn the growth of their business or brand. The fact is that it is impossible to invent one method that will be working well for everybody because there are many factors that vary from blog to blog. However, some versatile tips can be offered for assistance in growth on IG. In this article, they are collected and exposed to you with the comments from our expert Ronald A. Harris.

Define The Goals

For any venture, it is important to have a clue about the purpose of doing it. The same statement works for Insta promotion - to develop the proper tactic for your growth you must understand the goal of popularity for each 50 Instagram likes or more you want to reach. This tip is incredibly important both for brands and nonprofits.

But according to social media expert Ronald A. Harris, ‘It is also very vital to remember that any social media platform you choose for growth has different possibilities and can be more effective for one selected goal than for the other. Instagram in particular, is probably the most universal network for creating a blog - the app has a lot of features that help in promotion, reputation establishing, and selling products, as well as becoming a local celebrity.’

Also, other experts advise setting a list of exact goals that you want to reach - smaller and more huge. Having it will help you to see how you progress and if your blog is successful.

Control The Process

 When you have a defined purpose ahead of you, it is time to pay attention to the analytics.

● IG offers a good set of basic analytics that are available for users with business profiles (so don’t forget to change your account to a business profile).

● As you make your plans, you also have to know what the desired numbers are, so it is easier for you to see if the gap between actual activity and your plan is closing.

Many social media experts stress that analytical control has to be constant, especially if you are only at the beginning of your career on social media and you have much room for experimenting in getting Insta likes.

Pro tip: don’t try to set too big numbers at once, as you have built up your tactic. Increase the wished numbers gradually, after you have tested your strategy and it was able to close a gap.

Stick To A Selected Niche

Even when you are setting a lifestyle blog, which usually means that you wish to cover various aspects of your life, you have to keep the information flow consistent and somewhat unified, because this is what forms your personality on Instagram. Doing posts about everything around is like doing them about nothing at all.

When people subscribe to your account, they expect certain things, and it will be much better for your reputation to meet these expectations in order to grow the audience and expand your reach and likes number. Being concentrated on a more narrow range of themes also works great for your content plan - fewer concerns about what to implement into your posting, as it is easier to search curated content that is dedicated to a certain theme than lurking through the web trying to catch on with something you aren’t truly familiar with.

Check Out The Competition

Other experts believe that it is very important to know what is happening in the industry and have a clue about the content of other bloggers in the niche to gain lots of likes. Information is a weapon, so you have to obtain as much knowledge about your rivals as possible.

1. First of all, this is big assistance in planning the materials for posting. For you as a beginner, looking through the profile of established influencers in your industry will also help you to understand what ideas are original and worth posting.

2. Besides, checking their older experience can help you avoid some rookie mistakes in engagement and posting.

3. In some cases, bloggers can curate each other’s content in terms of cross-promotion.

So, looking through the range of popular personalities in your niche is a way to improve your performance on Instagram.

Use All Possible Tools

Luckily, Insta is a diverse platform, where you can express yourself in many ways. Along with classic feed posts, there are other features that can increase your engagement rate and make your rating grow rapidly. Here they are:


This is a true treasure of Instagram. Ever since the format was launched, it continues to be one of the main levers of popularity on this network. Stories can bring you a lot of activity and make the connection between you and your followers stronger. Stories are a great place to post ongoing personal content, while your feed remains a place for posting thematic posts. Various stickers and AR filters bring entertainment and activity to your account, as well as popularity and better reach.


Regular feed videos have a limit of 60 seconds. IGTV is a format for longer videos, and that makes this tool highly effective when you want your video to go viral on multiple platforms. Mostly, other platforms can embed a video from YouTube, but IG has no such option, so it is great to have a way to upload the film directly to the app and increase its recognition, influence and likes. Sometimes IGTV becomes a prominent distribution place as it happened with the glorious speeches.

Instagram Live

Live sessions on IG serve well for becoming closer with the audience, so they never must be neglected. It is a good way for setting:

● Q&A,

● meet&greet event,

● popularize your product in context,

● interview another person.

‘The format of the live stream is trustworthy and interesting to viewers, as they have the opportunity to communicate with you directly and you’re able to increase chances of blog monetization.’ - Ronald A. Harris


This function is new, and it isn’t too popular yet. On Instagram, Reels are like the analog of Tik Tok - short films, no longer than 30 seconds, where music can be applied. Introducing Reels to your content range right now is a total blast because this form of material is new to the audience as well, hence you can drive the interest and gain likes from the target group away from the competitors who didn’t implement Reels in their content range yet.


Different Social Media experts say that there is a blogger potential in every person, and it is only important to discover how you can use it, and if you want to use it. The promotion tips and strategy is individual for each blog and brand on Instagram, but the tips above will be helpful in any configuration.


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