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Best Hikes in Scandinavia



With its gorgeous landscapes and amazing places to walk, it’s no surprise that Scandinavia is among the top spots on the bucket lists of many hiking-lovers. Whether you want to explore the stunning volcanic landscapes of Iceland or the dramatic Norwegian fjords, there’s something for everybody to enjoy. Many Scandinavian hikes offer some of the most spectacular and unspoiled views in the world, with plenty of chances to experience unique geothermal activity or spot unusual wildlife.

Besseggen Ridge, Norway:

Widely known as one of the most spectacular hiking routes in Norway, it’s no surprise that Besseggen Ridge can get quite crowded during the summer months. If you’d rather have a quieter experience, September can be one of the best times of year to visit when the crowds have dispersed. This epic ten-mile hike includes several amazing highlights including the ridge itself.

Trolltunga, Norway:

Another excellent and famous route to consider if you are visiting Norway is Trolltunga. This is a challenging hike for anybody who is up for an adventure and part of many adventure-filled Scandinavian tours. At the end of the route, you will find yourself at Troll’s Tongue, a famous and incredible slab of stone that juts out over a precipice.

The King’s Trail, Sweden:

Get a Copenhagen to Stockholm train and begin your adventure along the King’s Trail. A 273-mile trekking route takes you through the remote wilds of the Arctic Circle and all its stunningly diverse terrain. Along the route, you’ll find twenty mountain huts that are spaced out for camping, although you can also take a tent if you like. The trail is split into four main sections, each of which takes around one week to complete.

Halti, Finland:

The highest point in Finland definitely makes for one of the most exciting hikes in Scandinavia. This 34-mile long trek through the wilderness offers an experience like no other, reaching the spur of the mountain which is the highest point on Finnish soil at 1328m. The trail is well-marked and there are mountain huts along the way for those who want to camp overnight. There is a shorter, easier day hike route also available.

The Laugavegur Trek, Iceland:

The Icelandic region of Landmannalaugar is filled with several stunning hiking opportunities, complete with gorgeous natural hot springs where you can relax and soothe your stiff and aching muscles afterward. There are tons of hiking options to choose from here, but one of the most popular is the Laugavegur Trek, which takes you through mineral-streaked volcanoes alongside vibrant lava fields and gorgeous geothermal hot springs. The 34-mile hike will take around three to four days to complete, with mountain huts and camping site options along the way for overnight stays. The classic Landmannalaugar Loop is a great alternative option in the region for those looking for a shorter day hike.

Scandinavia is known for being one of the best regions for hiking in the world, with several stunning trails and something to suit everyone. Which one will you do?

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