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Benefit show will raise money for new skate park



Skaters everywhere may have a new refuge from waving flashlights and scolding security with a new skate park in the NoDa community. The Neighborhood Theatre is hosting a benefit on Feb. 1 to support the project.

The all-ages event will feature a reunion show from Bellyfull, and performances by The Mantras and Dead-End Parking, while pro inline skater Dre Powell will demonstrate his own expertise. "He's absolutely amazing on his skates," said Zach McNabb, owner of the Neighborhood Theatre.

"Our sole mission is to spread the word about the skate park," said McNabb. "This is step one." The indoor park will include an 11-foot half-pipe, wall rides and various street courses for bikes, boards and skates of skill levels. For $10 you can help support the cause. Charge by phone at 704-358-9298, doors open 8 p.m.

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