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The cartoonist talks


Where do you get your ideas from?

Jim Hunt: Pretty much anywhere. I keep informed online via CL, The Charlotte Post and The Observer. [A former CL editor] John Grooms was also a great source of topic ideas over the years. Sometimes it's the latest e-mail rant from Bill James that leads to that week's cartoon. If nothing locally is worthy of a cartoon (in my opinion anyway), then I do a national or international cartoon.

What makes your cartoons funny, and do you have a philosophy behind your humor?

I didn't know they were ... thank you. I want the picture and the words to be equally strong. If that fails, I can only hope it offended someone.

What's the step-by-step process you undergo each week?

Drink coffee. Read the news. Pick a topic from the weekly events. Watch "Sports Center." Draw. Rinse. Repeat.

How long does it normally take you?

That depends on how long "Sports Center" is ...


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